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If you're interested in 3D OpenGL programming, you're in the right place!!! This site has (or will eventually have) whole bunches of tutorials, examples, and playable demos regarding 3D games and the such. Currently, I've only got a few complete programs here, and I haven't explained them in depth (aint got time...). Well, all y'all, enjoy!!!

Basic4GL DLL!!!

  • Collision Detection .dll!

    Collision Detection .dll for Basic4gl. Works with the most recent version of Basic4gl. Includes a couple example programs- one simple 8 or 9 polygon program and my mapmaker program updated to use collision detection from the .dll and a couple more commands.

C++ Programs

  • 3D point moving program! Yay!

    Here's something you don't see every day... This program's pretty much pointless, disregarding the fact it's entirely based on points. The goal here was to create and test a matrix/vector library, which I did. Stuff like inverting matrices, blah blah blah. Ok, it's a good example for beginner OpenGL programmers as well. Pretty straight forward workings, just use the mouse to select points, the right button is used to rotate the scene. As an added note, it would be very easy to turn this into a simple model making program...


    This's a program to load a .obj file and walk around it. There's a few .obj files included, but that's not the point. The point in this program is to demonstrate (show off ) my EXCELLENT collision detection, which will get better in the future. Just witness how smootly the camera (person) climbs stairs, transgresses ramps, runs into walls, all with the same algorithm!!! Muahahaha, it's the awexomeness... Easy to run too- just double-click the .exe and start walking around using arrow keys! I plan to use the w/a/s/d keys and mouse eventually, but that's fine tuning. (depending on the version, you may have to select MDI/Opengl from the title bar to make the opengl window pop up.)


  • Matrix/Vector thingy

    Here's some interesting (and VALUABLE!!!) stuff for 3D point manip. Comes in handy in 3D programming... Just to let peeps know, this library is bieng constantly modified, but all older functions still work. One day I'm going to rewrite it all (faster, stronger, smarter!!!), but the external operation will be the same (hopefully...). I'll make sure to release it as a different version, for compatiblilty reasons.

  • um, that's it. nothing. nada. nada 3.
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